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KANTU PERU TOURS, is a family business that was born in mid-2014 with the creation of a textile center in the district of Chinchero-Cusco. With the main purpose of generating income for a better quality of life for the families and communities that comprise it, through the exhibition and sale of handmade Andean textiles, a place where all the artistic beauty of the best weavers of the world is concentrated. Chinchero district already known worldwide for its textiles and the entire Cusco region. Where the techniques, processes, materials, elaboration, dyeing and final finishes of the textiles made by hand by master weavers from Cusco are shown; in this way recover, revalue, spread and preserve the native culture and traditions of the Andean communities. Thanks to the great acceptance and seeking to make our culture known to the rest of the world, KANTU PERU TOURS was born, an initiative of Ruben, a tour guide with many years of experience, and Edyy, a tourism professional and travel lover, both children of master weavers, heirs to a lively and traditional culture that still preserves its native customs.

KANTU PERU TOURS is a travel agency whose main objective is to make your trip the best experience of your life. If you are a lover of living culture, of adventure, of the traditions and customs of the Andean peoples, we invite you to get to know Peru and its wonderful destinations: Machupicchu, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, Nazca Lines, among other fantastic places that await you. you. We have for you the best tours and excursions, combining cultural activities, adventure and contact experiences with living culture; share customs, lifestyles, traditions, ancestral rites, and everything that your imagination is eager to discover; become part of an unforgettable experience with KANTU PERU TOURS. We have for you Tours and Hotels with the best rates in the market. But above all we offer quality in our services that is why we have a team of competent professionals committed to making your trip an unforgettable experience. We have the authorization and accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru (DIRCETUR) and we comply with all the operating requirements that the central and municipal government requires for the provision of tourist services.


Desde la creación de KANTU PERU TOURS, nuestra misión es lograr que, nuestros clientes tengan la información de los mejores destinos y servicios Turísticos que ofrece Perú; al mejor precio y calidad, Ofreciendo tours y excursiones sostenibles y de respeto a la naturaleza que harán de tu viaje una experiencia inolvidable.


Ser la empresa turística líder en el Perú: Elaborar y vender Paquetes Turísticos, combinando calidad, precio, experiencia y profesionalismo, de esta forma lograr la satisfacción de nuestros clientes los cuales harán de nuestra Empresa, una Empresa diferente a los demás, pero sin dejar de lado nuestro compromiso de seguir difundiendo nuestra cultura y los atractivos Turísticos de nuestra región y del Perú.